How Bethesda Home Started (Penang Nursing Home)- Words of Founder

Bethesda Home is located in heart of Georgetown. We started our home in 1993. My family and I were living in a small three-bedroom apartment with three teen-age children, two sons and a daughter. An old friend of ours (80 year old lady) came to our house and requested that she stay with us in our apartment.  I explained to her our situation and told her we were unable to help her, but she said she  was willing to sleep in the hall.  This made me very sad. Immediately I  promised to her that I will find a suitable home where she can stay comfortably. During this time I was working in the Penang Adventist Hospital as chaplain. So I explained my  sitiuation to the Hospital President, Dr. Laspe and also to the head of the chaplain department, Pastor James Wah. They thought for a while and said, “Pastor Theva, why don’t you start a home for the elderly and you  can include this service in your ministry. You can help this elderly  friend of yours and she can stay in your home. So they encouraged me to start the home and provided me with the necessary funds and furniture. Also they sent elderly patients from the hospital who were looking for a home for the elderly. This is how the BETHESDA HOME was started, and we were running this home for the past 18 years. Elderly persons from different walks of life came and stayed in this Home—the rich, the  poor, the educated, the uneducated, the good and the bad, etc. We found that the elderly persons came to this home due to many kinds of reasons.  For  example,  children who are busy and unable to take care  of their parents, single persons with no family,  persons who were abandoned by children,  because of family problems, some old people unable to get along with family members,  husband and wife cannot get along, so either one decides to stay

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separate and so on . . . . . . .

Bethesda Home has been providing a homely atmosphere with love and care.  For those who have  been staying here for many years, this Home has become their own Home, and they were happy. Considering the situation and the needs of the people, BETHESDA HOME is helping the poor and the needy and the desperate ones in whatever way possible.    There is no discrimination against race and religion. All are treated equally with kindness.

Brother Daniel

In the year 2016, Brother Daniel took over Bethesda and continued serving the elderly. His passion and compassionate heart to care for the old grew as both of his parents gets older.  Brother Daniel promised to himself  and father that he will shoulder the responsibility and to continue running the nursing home with love.  Brother Daniel worked very hard to sustain the nursing home. He took up part time job as taxi driver to financially support Bethesda. It is dedication and commitment which what makes Bethesda today.

Brother Daniel is not just committed to serve the Bethesda but also spend ample of time in church. His responsibility to God is still his first priority. Each week, Brother Daniel will attend the Sunday prayers giving counselling  and telling his friends how we must help the elderly. He even counsel younger generation not to neglect their parents and take full dedication to see through their parents when they moved into old ages.