Bethesda (Penang Nursing Home)

The best nursing home in Penang. The nursing home has been around since 1996 with the help  Danial. Bethesda is a multiracial nursing home taking care of everyone without racial and religion prejudice. The nursing home has up to 5 helpers running 24 hours daily with proper facility such as medical beds and wheel chairs. This nursing home does not use any normal beds which promoted bed ridden complications but uses proper hospital beds to heal bed ridden patients. Come and witness yourself!!!

We care more all walks of patients regardless of races, religions or any walks of life. We take in anyone who need our help

  1. Stroke Patients
  2. Elderly man/ woman
  3. Sick Patients
  4. Cancer Patients
  5. Terminally Ill patients
  6. Short Nursing Care
  7. Full Day Nursing Care

These are the benefits when you join Bethesda Nursing Home

  1. 5 full time helpers
  2. Medical Beds *Not many nursing home have this
  3. Wheel Chair
  4. Ample of space to walk and relax
  5. Good & nutritious food
  6. Clean environment
  7. Bright and cheerful environment (The nursing home will not feel dull because we make it better for elderly not to feel neglected)
  8. 5 Times Meal
  9. Emergency hospital service provided
  10. Affordable Charges
  11. partly charitable for deserving person
  12. Individual attention

Good Nursing Home Penang

Bethesda is a Good Nursing Home in Penang. With the price that you are paying and the services  that we are  offering, we are proud to  announce that we have achieved up to your expectation. Thanks to all our friends, church (The Light) and NGO who came to support our nursing home for the past 20 years.

Just for your information, Bethesda does not cater for only christian but also for all races. We welcome you with warm hearts. For more information about Bethesda Nursing Home, call our hotline above. We will get in touch with you.

Old Folks Home at Georgetown

Like any other old folks home, Bethesda is one of the oldest old folks home in penang. This old folks home is partly charitable and managed by Daniel. Why choose us ?

  1. 24hours nursing care
  2. 4 meals a day
  3. Cleaning
  4. We can arrange transport to hospital if needed
  5. Good and clean environment
  6. Affordable for everyone in Penang

Happiest Nursing Home Penang

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Bethesda focus on giving quality living experience for senior citizen. We care for each and every of our residents with full hearts.

Look at our meals “Delicious right?” All our residents love our food.